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  公司簡介Introduction The Demand International Corporation is devoted to energy- saving and efficiency- improving technology. For to realize Our ideal [Easy,Reliable & Workable of the technical development ], the energy-conserving department was established in 2005. It has obtained several patents and professional certificates in researching energy transformation and use efficiency in water, electricity and oil aspects. They are including the patent of invention of the Republic of China (No. 271913) and Taiwan big electric power experimental study center experiment authenticates the report number (OS20070002). To spread the concepts of energy conservation and carbon reduction to highly energy-consuming industries such as papermaking, food, electronics, Plastic-chemical, Artificial fiber, rubber, cement, steel, drug, etc and educational units and hospitals, the Demand International Corporation will make great efforts to reach the goals of globalization before 2015.


 燃油增效器Magnetic oil device Brief introduction The design concept of “Magnetic Oil Device” depends on the physical principle of the strong magnetic field can influence fluid. Strong magnetic field can influence fluid was an excellent achievement which was discovered by Johannes Diderik van derWaal (Holland). The theory helped him to win the Nobel prizes in 1910. Efficiency Environmental Protection: It can reduce effectively the air pollution about 50% of waste gas. Economized fuel: Complete combustion = reduced the waste gas exhaust = Saved the use of fuel (guaranteed to economize more than 3% fuel which is proved by the experiment) = Save the money Improve performance: To have the best combustion efficiency Application The Generator, the Boiler, Burning Machine, and the Engine etc. It is also applicable for all kinds of fuel fluids.

電抗濾波增效節能系統Power purer The description:damage caused by the harmonic waves Cause the “Skin Effect” of wire more serious, and increase the copper energy loss. Increase the iron core loss of Transformer.The high tech electronic apparatus may not work ordinarily, and even burn out. Increasing the loss,rising the temperature. Low down the torque output of the electric machinery. Cause the relay protection mechanism mistake-error or no-response-error. The ription:damage caused by the clutter wave.  Cause the sine - wave into zigzaging. Decrease the efficiency of the eactance’s loading. Generate heat Cause the vibration and noise. Cause the more energy loss. Cut down the lifespan of electric machinery. The description:damage caused by the three-phase unbalance  Cause the no-load loss and load losses of transformer in the asymmetric operation state. Induce the reverse-torque increase of motor, and cause the rise of temperature, drop of ficiency, increases of energy consumption, vibration and output loss…etc. of the motor.  Shorten the lifespan of the electric machinery.  Raise the replacement frequency of the equipment parts. Increase the cost of the equipment maintenance. Cause the increase of line loss in three-phase four-wire model. Feature  Max. voltage : 35KV  Max. capacity:12,000KVA  Low energy loss – about equal to the 1/30 of the same type of transformer Mechanical design depend on pure reactance principle Parallel with winding system(so even system fail , nothing happen) . Construct simply Small size – about equal to the 1/3~1/6 size of the same type of transformer maintain easily.  Long fespan (Warranty for 3 years)  Low cost  Recycle < 2.5 years Effect Increase the actual capacity of the transformer, and reduce the investment on expanding capacity.  Decrease the loss of the transformer effectively Improve the security operation coefficient of the transformer Make the protection devices and components, which are sensitive to harmonic waves, do not occur the mal-operation. Reduce the skin effect, heat loss, copper loss, iron losses, magnetic loss and noise. Reduce the current shock which results from impact load. Reduce the voltage fluctuation, and improve the voltage quality. Restrain the flicker and improve the stability. Improve the power-factor.  The efficiency of harmonic filter is above 50%.  The power saving rate is up to 5 % ~ 15%.

純水磁能共振器Magnetic antiscale device Applications Industrial pure water system, reverse osmosis system, and water supply system…etc. They are applicable for all fluid pipelines. Using Conditions Applicable temperature: 0°C~100°C centigrade. Flow Velocity: Irrelative Able to endure pressing: Under 10kg/cm2 Features & Benefits Easy to install and do not influence the original machine equipment. Do not need to use the electricity and save the maintain expenses. Simple structure and do not need manual operation Effectively reduce the hardness of water quality and silicate degree. Effectively restrain the generation of the alga, water rustiness and verdigris. Strengthen the softening effect and protect the RO equipment. Effectively decrease the RO water machine data value (ppm.) and protect the RO membrane. Effectively improve water quality. There are no losses in machine shut down and artificial maintaining. The patent Spiral pipes.

溫泉水垢抑制器Hot spring water magnetic device Brief introduction Effectively restrain the generation of the alga and limescale in hot spring pipes and improve water quality. Applications Hot spring water supply system, hot spring water tower, SPA pool supply system. Using Conditions Applicable to: Hot spring water Applicable temperature: 0°C~100°C centigrade. Flow Velocity: Irrelative Able to endure pressing: Under 10kg/cm2

蚺籈磻蹌農nti-Fe2O3 Device Brief introduction Because of the manufacturing equipments and the fitting materials of circulating cooling water apparatuses don’t make use of the materials of stainless steel completely, it often adds weak acid or other solutions in the cooling water for restraining the generation of the alga and lime-scale. But after for many years, it does not reduce the generation of the rust and the lime-scale. Not only influence the cooling efficiency, but also cause the damage of the valves and perceptrons and reduce the stability and lifespan of the apparatuses directly. The Lime-scale magnetism resonator can resolve the above problem simply and effectively. Principle By processing the magnetic energy, it is effective to clear the generation of lime-scale of the circulating cooling water. It only has a little generation of the some fluffy mud things, and can drain away with the drainage but to have not the generation of the hard scale. !

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